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I’ve had the worst day today and it isn’t even noon.



No secret is safe. is back, and she’s making up for lost time.
New episodes of Gossip Girl are streaming July 8 on HBO Max.


Re: Using Sanity Tests and Other QA LAnguage to Talk about My Therapy Appointment Today

Deat Co-Workers,
I'm so so so so so sorry about that.


We take our name from the of 1969. Today marks the anniversary of that pivotal moment in LGBTQ+ history.


As someone who gets a “you’re how old?” whenever I buy booze from someone older than me, I’m embracing it and seeing what purple shampoo does.

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My hair isn’t dyed some way or another for the first time in forever and I have lil grey hairs pretty evenly distributed every couple centimeters.


“Little fires everywhere” is what I call a three-wick candle


I also had to buy some Imodium tonight so I went to Taco Bell for dinner because why not, right?

I got so much shit done for work today that I was fretting not being able to pull off in time, so I’m just gonna carry that momentum into tomorrow.

I wonder what Charlotte Flair uses for eyelash glue.

Hi, and
Went in to my settings to pick a new charity for and saw that one of the options is a gay conversion therapy “chart”? What. The. Actual. Fuck?

There are many reasons to dislike the Touch Bar on the MBP. But, I really need to see a video of all these people typing in such a way that they're constantly accidentally touching it.

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