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Went in to my settings to pick a new charity for and saw that one of the options is a gay conversion therapy “chart”? What. The. Actual. Fuck?

There are many reasons to dislike the Touch Bar on the MBP. But, I really need to see a video of all these people typing in such a way that they're constantly accidentally touching it.

It took my 72 HOURS of off-and-on work while I was sick with a chest cold to get an older version of rails and mysql up and ready for dev work on my M1 Mac. So, that's how I'm doing.

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@MarquisDeLard@twitter.com Well, at the end all the capitalists retreat to a sacred utopia in which everyone’s super hot and lives happily ever after. So I guess the lesson is that Rand was sad and horny

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Yes, you used to pay me a salary to do so before you fired me, but thank you for the email!

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My love language? Doing a full nutritious food shop and then just ordering a takeaway.

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Tired: Dinosaur egg oatmeal.
Wired: Dinosaur egg omelettes.

… The feeling has gone, only you and I
It means nothing to me

What comes first, the viral tweet or the affiliate link to galaxy projectors and suction vibrators?

Been back in the land of the Mac for 3 days now, and aside my inability to get my dev env set up in Big Sur (cough openssl1.0 and rum cough cough), I *have* remembered that the worst part is no spam filtering in Messages.

Knowing the plot of In the Heights before it started did not save my dumb ass whose mom died 1.5 years ago from weeping in front of everyone.

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We didn't appreciate lime Skittles enough and now we've been punished with green apple. :(

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This dentist office is playing a playlist that sounds like it was made by a closeted gay guy in existential crisis.

Note to self: Showing up 15 minutes early to this dentist is a waste of time.

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LGBTQIA+ apparel available in my shop with 50% of proceeds donated to QTBIPOC orgs and mutual aid funds! megemikoart.com 🥰❤️🌈

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desperately trying to understand where Elliot page is laying down

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Forgot a mask for the dentist. It’s GA so I can stay and he’s gonna be all up in my mouth anyway—but, I still feel like a bit of an ass.

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