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Tiffany better be busting out of some luggage or a trunk or some shit next year like Shangela or those BB18 fuckers.

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I remember Justin Russo had my 10 y.o gay ass very excited 😭😭😭

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costumer: you keeping up with the news about the hurricane
me: yeah, it’s very unfortunate :/
them: a family friend in Louisiana was eaten by an alligator

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Me: I’m gonna cut out all dairy, gluten, and animal proteins from my diet to try and help with my cholesterol, liver enzymes and stomach issues.

My stomach after one week:

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Xavier: We the thugs. Some BB thugs.

Said while wearing a rainbow tutu and applying chapstick.

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Who I thought Who I thought
I wouldn’t like I would like but
but like now dislike now

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No secret is safe. @gossipgirl@twitter.com is back, and she’s making up for lost time.
New episodes of Gossip Girl are streaming July 8 on HBO Max.

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We take our name from the of 1969. Today marks the anniversary of that pivotal moment in LGBTQ+ history.

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Hi, @Amazon@twitter.com and @amazonsmile@twitter.com
Went in to my settings to pick a new charity for and saw that one of the options is a gay conversion therapy β€œchart”? What. The. Actual. Fuck?

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Yes, you used to pay me a salary to do so before you fired me, but thank you for the email!

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LGBTQIA+ apparel available in my shop with 50% of proceeds donated to QTBIPOC orgs and mutual aid funds! megemikoart.com πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸŒˆ

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desperately trying to understand where Elliot page is laying down

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You know what? Sad Ben Platt looks a lot like Tricia Mattel @trixiemattel@twitter.com.

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